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More Webspace Reform

by Txec Ereufighleu, [Gr] 22 January 2007

We need to embrace the fact that we are an ephemeral nation composed of individuals from the macronational community whose primary method of communication within the Republic is through the usage of internet based technologies ( i.e. web sites, message boards, Web logs. chat/instant message programs, and Voice over IP and so on). We have a great start by employing various websites, personal weblogs, and a message board. There are a few definite steps that I think we need to take to help solidify our national identity via domain reform and email/webmail accounts.

Domain Name Reform

There should be some rather significant reform with the National Web Space as apart of moving to new servers. These are the domains that are officially part of the National Web Space as pass by 4RC3 the Revised Webspace Nationalization Bill :


All of the Talossa.*** sites that we own do not tell you where you are going to - either to the Republic or to the Kingdom of Talossa - it does not specify. These domain names are not self evident which does not help to differentiate or identify the Republic from the Kingdom. RepublicOfTalossa.com should be the primary domain that we promote as a link to the Republic as it really puts the name of the 'Republic' side of Talossa out there which would really help to promote our national identity as the Republic of Talossa.

Talossa.com, Talossa.net, Talossa-gov.com should point (in the mean time) to the same place as RepublicofTalossa.com or perhaps a specific area of the main site that focuses on access to the government. We should pickup as many of the the RepublicOfTalossa.*** domains and we can and just maintain the Talossa.*** domains as forwards to our other RepublicOfTalossa.*** domains, or perhaps even better preserve them for Pan-Talossan activities as they speak of Talossa as a whole and not fractured.

We may want RepublicOfTalossa.net (Talossa.net) to point to administrator tools and Talossan hosting solutions or something like that. RepublicOfTalossa.info (Talossa.info) should be an informational page like a brochure and general information for people interested in finding out about the Republic and what it has to offer. RepublicOfTalossa.org (Talossa.org) should be dedicated to promoting the organizations within the Republic such as political parties and the Wittenberg and so on, and RepublicOfTalossa.edu would promote sites such as Talossapaedia, the University of Talossa, and the Talossan-Language. I picked up RepublicOfTalossa.biz for business with or within the Republic. RepublicOfTalossa.tv (Talossa.tv) could be used to promote Talossan media, music, videos, news, blogs and so on.

Web Presence Aggregation

All of the individual sites that are out there that deal with the Republic of Talossa could be gathered under one primary domain RepublicOfTalossa.***. Sub-domains could be used to further extend the use of these domains.. All of the Political Parties, Ministries, news sites, blogs, and anything else that directly related to the Republic could be hosted by the Republic and with that small fees could be charged per year to non-governmental sites to collect money to support and expand the Republic's domains and potential.

Sub-domains such as: UTP.RepublicOfTalossa.org or FinanceMinistry.RepublicOfTalossa.com or University.RepublicOfTalossa.edu or History.RepublicOfTalossa.edu or Brochure.RepublicOfTalossa.info, or Florenciâ.RepublicOfTalossa.com and so on.

Specific Implementations

The National Register and Talossapaedia, as well as work with Talossan History and the Talossan Language web sites should be put together in a wiki format to allow for revisions, permissions and locking as well as revision tracking.

Talossan Email Addresses (original)

All public offices should have their own email address as such position[at]RepublicOfTalossa.com or position[at]talossa-gov.com and so on. This will lend a greater amount of credibility to our leaders in government as they interact with our citizens, external governments, and other entities. This will greatly increase national identity and awareness as the addresses are used and will foster a sense of legitimacy for all of our public offices and our government.

Our citizens, as well, should have an email address CitizenName[@]RepublicOfTalossa.com. That is something that might draw citizens to us. It makes sense and will instill a sense of belonging and community. It will be necessary to forge a privacy policy as well.

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