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Talossan Progressivism

by Antonio Lixhita,

It can be said that intellectual conflict is healthy as it sharpens thoughts and beliefs for those open enough to participate in its “whittling” effects. Extraneous thoughts, prejudices and personal preference are shorn away in honest mental sparing. For a Progressive this is a good thing, a positive process that all too often can only be assisted by those who oppose you.

Here in lies the bedrock, core principles, of the Union of Talossan Progress. We believe that government exists for a few basic principles that can be admittedly complex in their execution.

Equality Before the Law. This is the starting point for all legitimate governments. Some conservative commentators would list the “rule of law” and the foundation of good government, but that is not true. If one has an unjust law, then the rule of law can be unjust. Totalitarian regimes have rule of law, but I doubt we would hold them as exemplars of good government. Every citizen, native or naturalized, black or white, heterosexual or homosexual, secular or religious or both, must be held in the same regard and respect in each and every law of the land. I fear that there is a subtle prejudice against citizenship growth in our Republic. The existence of select unjust laws towards new citizens are nothing more than the last vestiges of a discredited crown.

Equality of Opportunity. Equality in and of itself is a desirable goal, but like much else must be tempered by respect for individual talents, rights, drives and ability. There is an old short story about a dystopian society that, in a drive to ensure equality made the overly tall walk stooped, the well-sighted were distorting glasses and the athletic wear weights about the legs. Government exists not the make every citizen equal, but to provide the fair opportunity for every citizen to succeed by their own measure. This can be accomplished through education, training, and specific awareness programs to right past wrongs. This is also accomplished through a strong and complete social support system that is less of a safety net and more of a trampoline.

Active Liberty. Some say that you must have a small, unobtrusive government to ensure individual liberty. Others argue that government must be large, involved in every life activity, to ensure equality. These views are only half right. Progressives believe, as Teddy Roosevelt did, that just as police are needed to guarantee individual safety, so active governments are needed to protect the liberty of citizens threatened by moneyed interest, the powerful conglomerates and those who put personal power before universal freedom. A large activist government that respects the individual freedoms and choices of each citizen must exist to protect those freedoms from those who would profit from their absence.

Responsible Growth. Progress is also about growth. But not just any type of growth. Like a gardener tending a flower bed we must help our plants to thrive, and grow, even adding new plants, while not letting weeds overtake the unique beauty of our plot. Here in the Republic, there are those who are afraid of growth. It seems that this fear has been with Talossa at least since the advent of the internet era with the concerns over “cybercitizens” having undue influence. Even now, one can find these fears being expressed on the Witt, some going so far as to prefer tiny voting rolls to real growth. Progressives support looking to likely populations for the active recruiting of responsible new citizens.

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