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Plus One Campaign

by Antionio Lixhita, 16 September 2005

3 People standing with the Plus One Logo

The deceptively simple plans so often are the ones that work the best.

At a recent college football (American) game in my home state, the student body president asked everyone who attended to bring at least one dollar for disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.  The stadium holds about 40,000 people so the minimum target was $40,000.

Of course, the poorer students I am sure provided only that dollar, but clearly many of the more affluent donated far more.  This crowd of just under 40,000 sports fans, in a relatively poor state, raised over half a million dollars.

The point here is the aggregate actions of individuals, though small, can have a great effect.

This brings us to a major leap forward in Talossa society.  If each voting age citizen in the Republic would personally recruit a new “Talossa-minded” citizen, and encourage them to complete the official citizenship process, our adult population would jump to over 40.  As important, assuming that personally recruited citizens would likely be from the same province as the “recruiter,” we would then meet the constitutional requirements for the Senate to come into existence and to enlarge the Chamber of Deputies.

Most important, would be the contribution to our culture, to our language and to all corners of our society these new citizens would make, especially if they were “pre-selected” by other citizens who know what to look for a in a good prospective citizen.

We believe that this campaign has great potential and can have immediate impact.  No new law is needed, no official sanction.  This can be a true grassroots movement of individuals doing one small thing, to have a great impact.

So, get out there and get to it.

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