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UTP Chair, 3 March 2007


50 word Statement

The UTP is Talossa's no non-sense progressive party that looks brightly to Talossa's future. We will work hard to increase the quality of proposed legislation; to bring about legislation for the Republic's financial future and to help bring an increase in Immigration and Marketing of the Republic. UTP: Move Forward.

Party List

  1. Txec Ereufighleu

Platform Statements

Illusory Land Claims
As covered in the essay “The Illusions that History Hath Wrought” we believe that the Republic's land claims are not valid nor conducive to the advancement of the Republic.
Immigration and Marketing
Increasing our population for sustaining our little micronation and can be assisted through various methods of marketing as covered by the essays “Selling Dreams” and “Plus One”.
Ministry of Finance
Working to specifically define the responsibilities of the Ministry and to further Talossan Economics. (read more of Talossan Finances)
Pan-Talossan Support
Continued support for Pan-Talossan works such as with the the Talossan language, history, and relations projects.
Reunification and Monarchy
We are staunchly against any thought of reunification that involves any form of monarchy. A reunification could only happen as a monarchless state under a new joint constitution (more on Kingdom Rapprochement).
Quality of Legislation
Increasing the quality of proposed legislation will help to reduce amendments and future work. The progressive mind-set and our experience will greatly help in the legislation creation process. Creating legislation that is forward looking, flexible, but yet focused enough to get the job done and not leave it open to abuse is our goal.
Webspace Reform
The Republic should concentrate on publishing RepublicOfTalossa.net as our primary domain name. All government offices and all citizens should have an Talossan email address. (more Webspace Reform)

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