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Progress and Change

by Txec Ereufighleu, 12 Jan 2006; modified 3 Mar 2007

Making progress; evolving; becoming more than we are requires us to change what we are doing or how we think of something to do something better. It is unfortunate that humans resist change no matter if is a good or bad change. "Change is different therefore I will not like it and it is going to make me think, and/or change my routine." We are creatures of habit and routine, and if something disrupts it we can get irritated and resist it.

A very key thing for all of us to remember when thinking about life and laws in the Republic of Talossa is that the laws that change the way we do things and require us to do business differently is not necessarily bad. If, once the change is adjusted to, it will make the lives our citizens better then it is a good thing.

If the change is opposed just for the sake of it being different than what you are used to then you should think again. You may want to ask yourself “Why am I apart of a micronation."

Change in the Republic is something that we are fortunate to be able to benefit greatly from. We can make broad reaching changes because it will affect very few people and it will be easy for us to adjust. It is best to make drastic changes now while we are small, because to change them later when we have grown will be much more difficult.

If a law or idea is proposed and it is different please think about your first reaction. If it is to resist it. Think again. You might be wong. Think about how this change could make your life better once you are used to it.

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