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Simulationist or Progressive

by Antionio Lixhita, 8 November 2005

Some, as of late, have accused a number of the new citizens as being “simulationist.”

If by "simulationist" you mean we want to merely mimic macro-world institutions with a flurry of documents and pronouncements then I would not be one. However, if you mean someone who wants Talossa, in its own way with its own unique institutions, to have a greater impact on the world at large, then I would not call that “simulationist” but rather “Talossan Progressive.”

Speaking for myself and my nascent organization I do not wish to emulate macro world institutions just for sake of playing, or pretending or “simulating” the macro-world experience. I call myself a Talossan Progressive because I believe that the freedoms promoted and enjoyed by the citizens of Talossa should be the foundation of liberty for all of humankind. That so many of our brothers and sisters toil without the security of the fruits of their labor, that so many strive for a level of justice and equality that will not be granted to them by their “macro-world” nations-of-residence in their lifetime is an affront to everything I believe that Talossa should be.

Talossa cannot correct every ill of society or right every injustice, but we can, yes even sometimes if only symbolically, provide relief and justice for our citizens. Whether it is by proving the Liberty for all people to marry, or serving as a medium to demand Justice for those who cannot do so for themselves or simply Serving the less fortunate, Talossan Progressives believe Talossa must be more than just a simulation or hobby.

Yes, minting coins, ID cards, military rank badges and composing national anthems will be fun entertaining, and necessary to national morale, but progressives believe that the core of our mission should be the extension and support of Liberty, Justice and Service as far as our talents and reach may extend.

I may not speak for anyone but myself, but as for me, please call me not a simulationist. However, I will proudly claim the mantle of a Talossan Progressive.

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