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Marketing the Republic

by Antionio Lixhita

It seems that those most likely to join the republic would be reasonably well educated, computer savvy individuals with more than a passing interest in politics.  Given our limited resources and personnel, it seems to me that it would be a waste of effort to market to anyone but this demographic in our initial citizenship drive.

So, where do literate, political technophiles congregate?  I think it would be safe to assume that they pool at colleges and universities.  Perhaps not exclusively so, but certainly primarily.    Those of us work or study at such institutions could serve as "agents" of the program, posting government approved flyers through the public areas of the campus with appropriate contact information.

What should be the style of the marketing program?  We should sell the angle of being a 26 year old political experiment in which any person of good will can join and participate.  As someone involved in marketing to the 18-25 year old age group, I can say that you’d need to find a “voice” for the campaign that is fun, graphically engaging, slightly tongue-in-cheek but at the same time proud of having such a long term commitment to Talossa.  As an ancillary to this line of attack, our “agents” could direct mail promotional material to professors of political science and student groups which focus of political science.

I believe that the Republic should also consider using the Google AdWords facility to target those people searching Google for “Talossa,” “Micronation,” or “Politics.”

Perhaps a modest voluntary contribution from citizens could pay for this part of the effort.

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