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Notes and Definitions

by Txec Ereufighleu, [Gr] April 26, 2006

Today's Date is: Pending IFC Date

Today's Date is:    [Gr] Pending Gregorian Date

Notes on use

Shows table cell with first number is the IFC Date and the second is the Gregorian Date

The table headers are the days of the week starting with Sunday and ending with Monday. The first number in a cell is the IFC Day of the Month, and the second second set is the equivalent Gregorian Month and Day.

You may link to each cell, row, and header by adding a little bit the to the end of the URL for this page as follows:

Intercalary Days

adj : added or having an addition to make the calendar year correspond to the solar year; "Feb. 29 is an intercalary day"; "leap year is an intercalary year". Src
Leap Day:
An intercalary day called Leap Day is inserted during leap years after [IFC] June 28 and before [IFC] Sol 1, which shall be given the reference date of June 29. This is the Gregorian Date of June 17 on Leap Years
A calendar
Year Day:
An intercalary day called Year Day is inserted after [IFC] December 28 and before [IFC] January 1, which shall be given the reference date of December 29.

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