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Calendar Reform

I propose the International Fixed Calendar which is a 28 day 13 month calendar for Talossa. Why such a radical change? Such a calendar will greatly simplify the way that we think of dates and schedule events. Each day of the month will always fall on the same day each and every month. There will be no guessing as to when the 5th of any month is as it will always be on the same day. We will not have to guess how many days there are in the month as there will always be 28. Months will be even.

There is a lot to gain by this type of calendar and the only really annoying thing is when you try to break it up into quarters. You will not be able to do this on a month basis and will have to do it based on 13 weeks which many companies already do.

I am not suggesting that we change the names of the Months or Days as I do not believe that their would be an advantage to it.

More information can be found at Calendar Reform and Metric Time proposals by Gavin Gregor Young

Moses Cotsworth, Calendar Reformer

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