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Census Reporting Reform

by Txec Ereufighleu, [Gr] 22 January 2007; updated [Gr] 3 Mar 2007, Original (Part I)

A Census Report and Antonio’s Dandelion Post has made me think about the way that census is reported and I have a few ideas.


The census should be easily accessible to all members of government and the public, possibly published via the Secretary of States office and maintained in the permanent records of the republic. Easily accessible and referenced especially when it comes to election time will ease the jobs of the Secretary of state and the Minister of Finace as they carry out their functions. A current regularly updated version (as citizens are added and renounced) should be available as well.


The term suspended has a diciplinary/negative connotation associated with it and the Spouses/Significant Other (SO) of current Citizens should have more specific status as well as their Dandelions. SO’s or Dandelions that do not participate in Talossa could be given a Non-participatory status which would count them for Census reasons but not count them as a Talossan Elector/Majority as they would not have completed the immigration process. Although those of the appropriate age could apply for full citizenship if they so liked as normal via the Immigration Ministry.

We should not give full citizen status to those who do not apply for citizenship themselves. If a non-participatory SO/Dendelion wishes to apply they could perhaps go through an abbreviated process by virtue of having a citizen sponsor. That is kind of the way it is currently with the US and many other countries. I think this works well as it will not artificially inflate our citizenship numbers and it should keep our census numbers a more real reflection of our population and their activity.

Reformation of census reporting should make it more clear as to what a person's status is with the Republic. The Census should be changed as follows with definitions:

Example of a New Republic of Talossa Census Board
Name Citizen Number Primary Status Secondary Status
Name Citizen Number Primary Status Secondary Status
Txec Ereufighleu 33 Majority Active
MartÝ PitÓtz 32 Majority Inactive
Fictional Citizen under the age of Majority 40 Elector Active
Bill Cooper 25 Deceased --
Fictional Wife -- Significant Other Non-Participatory
Fictional Child -- Dandelion Non-Participatory


Primary Status

A Non-participatory Child of citizen that is not old enough to be a citizen. Once the Dendelion is older than the age of majority and has not gone through the immigration process they shall be removed completely from the census due to showing no interest in pursuing a Talossan citizenship. As long as the Dandelion is below the age of majority and has not gone through the immigration process they are considered a Dandelion. A Dandelion or its progenitor may apply to have their status and records removed from the Republic as long as they are still considered a Dandelion. Once the Dandelion has become a citizen or has passed the age of majority and chooses not to pursue citizenship they are no longer considered to be a dandelion.
A Citizen who is no longer living.
A person that has sucessfully gone though the immigration process and has been accepted as a citizen of the Republic.
An Elector of the the Age of Majority or older.
Spouse/Significant Other/Partner
A Non-Particapatory Citizen that has gained their status by meeting the following criteria:
  1. Those whose Macronational Marital Status is Married, or who have Macronational Domestic Partner status, or other similar macronational situations such as Common Law Marriage;
  2. or those that declare/claim their status via a stated and known 'permanent' partner(s) relationship - i.e. : those acting in a married/permanent partner manner: same sex marriages that are not allowed macronationally, or multiple spouse marriages that are similarly not allowed macronationally.

An active citizen may file for their Non-participatory Spouse by sending an email to the Immigration Minister stating their desire to register their Non-participatory spouse. The email should include the pertinent information as required for Prospective Status as stated in Title II Chapter 5 Section 2 Subsection 2.b of the Federal Code plus the date associated with their status as Spouse/Partner. If there is a Marriage License or similar document that should be sent to the Immigration Minister as well.

A SO or their citizen sponsor may apply to have their status removed and all records removed as long as they are considered a SO.

Secondary Status

A Citizen who posts on the Witt on a semi-regular period and/or participates in elections, and responds to Republic of Talossa Census, as is currently defined in the Federal Code.
This is optional and may be used for census reporting just to update the Republic’s Government what the statistics associated with ‘Friends of the Republic’ as currently defined. Not an official status, per se, that any citizen will hold, but used for purely informational purposes.
The Inactive Status shall replace what is now called Suspended. This status is granted to those Citizens have not responded to a current Census as defined in the Federal Code.

They may return to active status as normal as defined by the Title II Section 5 Subsection 2 Part 4 of the Federal Code.

This status is granted to those people who have not gone through the Immigration Process but have gained recognition through ‘familial’ means as defined in this act as a Significant Other or Dandelion;

A Non-participatory person is counted for the purposes of Census only. If the Non-Participatory person wishes to gain full citizen rights they must request a change in status as normal via the Immigration process.

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