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Provincial Assignment Reformation

The current Provincial Assignments as stated by Title II Section 5 of the Federal Code is very US-centric and I am pretty sure that this is a result from the old, traditional days of the Kingdom of Talossa when a intelligent young man could not see that his micro-nation could truly span the world. Splitting up the world into Provinces where 4 of the 5 provinces are based in the US forces you to say "This part of the US and these other things which may not have proximity shall be a province.". They may not have cultural or even a time zone in common. The rest of the world is kind of crammed into each province as an after thought. Provincial Assignments that takes into account some cultural and Time Zone considerations would be more efficient and be easier to understand for our citizens of their respective provinces. This will break from traditions but I do not think that this is a bad thing.

Assuming that we stick with just the 5 provinces I recommend a provincial assignment that has a little more even collection of countries/population of the world with an associated average Time Zone. This follwing is merely an example and not definitive and the province names were arbitrarily assigned. If we are going to make sweeping changes like this now is the time to do it while we are small.

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