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UTP, The Translation
10 March 2007

The Talossan translation for Union for Talossan Progress is ViÍnsitŗ pŽr ProgreŖťu TalossŠn courtesy of Miestr‚ Schiv‚

UTP, the Party - Finally
1 March 2007

The Union for Talossan Progress is now officially running in the 5th Chamber of Deputies election.

Tragic Loss for Talossa and the UTP
12 February 2007

Following a bout of rushed video uploading and family tragedy coupled with critical comments on spelling Antonio Lixhita renounces his citizenship and the Union for Talossan Progress is now a party of one. =( We have lost the father of the Talssan Progressive movement.

Role Changes for UTP Members
14 January 2007

Txec Ereufighleu has stepped up to the position of Chairman and Antonio Lixhita has moved to the position of Vice-Chair until as such time as he is able to return to Talossa in a more active politcally.

Txec Ereufighleu has completed his term as Secretary of State and made way for Jay Shorten.

Txec's Proposals
26 March 2006
Txec Ereufighleu engaged in a little bit of pot stirring by unveiling some new proposals which was met with mixed feelings.
  • Calendar Reform
  • Economy and Finances
  • Provincial Assignment Reformation
  • Measurement
  • Standardizing Time
  • Talossan Email
Union for Talossan Progress, the Party... to be
25 February 2006

The UTP has had the desire to run as a part for the 3rd Chamber elections with Antonio Lixhita as its party list, but the time was not found for full participation much to the chagrin of its members. We have hope to run in the next election when it comes around. This will give us time to polish our platform and website. Stay tuned for more UTP goodness.

Txec Ereufighleu Nominated as Secretary of State
14 January 2006

Party member and Vice Chair Txec Ereufighleu is nominated as Secretary of State and has accepted this nomination and awaits anxiously to be able to perform in this position. He will have the chance to run the March 2006 Chamber Elections, and will most likely announce his own official appointment.

UTP Featured in Qator Itrìns & Seifetziueasca
03 October 2005

In both the current version of Seifetziueasca (Talossa Weekly) and an upcoming issue of Qator Itrìns (Four Stars) essays by the Chair of the UTP, Mr. Antonio Lixhita, have / will appear(ed). The article in Seifetziueasca is a reprint of our initial policy press release, but the essay to appear in Qator Itrìns will spell our core beliefs and our solution to the Dandelion Question.

Prime Minister Sees Bigger Role for UTP
16 September 2005

Miestr‚ Schiv‚, Prime Minister of the Republic of Talossa recently stated on the Witt, I wonder whether a certain "think tank" might constitute itself as a political party at some stage.

The UTP takes that as a compliment, or at least positive reinforcement, as we are sure it was intended.

Responding to the comment, UTP Chairperson Antonio Lixhita stated, Though the Union for Talossan Progress currently has no specific designs for entering the multiparty system, should the current government fail to properly address our reasonable concerns, I would not be surprised if a ground swell of grassroots interest could lift our humble think tank to more lofty ambitions. For now we a comfortable to suggest, to learn and to work for a better Talossa.

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